Company Background:
Luangpaseuth Construction Co., Ltd. (LCC) was established in 1989 as a civil works enterprise focusing on building and maintenance works. In 2000, the company name was changed to Luangpaseuth Construction Sole Co., Ltd., LCC has registered corporate capital of 8,000,000,000.00 Lao Kip, equivalent to about USD1.0 million at current rates of exchange. The Company undertakes construction and maintenance works for both private and public clients as well for its own investments. Currently LCC employs more than 20 civil works experts stationed at strategic business locations throughout Laos, providing professional expertise in a wide range of fields including architectural design, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as project management and real estate financing. LCC has a highly skilled in-house capability dedicated to producing high standard technical bids and comprehensive and competitive commercial tenders.

LCC is a well-known all-round civil works business having completed a substantial number of construction and maintenance works of various magnitudes, in a wide range of residential and commercial buildings sectors, serving both domestic and international clients. The works completed to the full satisfaction of its clients include: air traffic control center facilities, schools, hospitals, office buildings, a university campus, commercial buildings for different trade and industrial uses, sport facilities and others. Project funding, both in the form of loans, soft loans and grants was provided by domestic sources as well as international organizations, among them LUX Development, ADB, WB, JICA, GIZ, Exim Bank of China, Exim bank of Korea.

LCC has set of vision to become a premier solution provider company providing national leadership in complete engineering and technical solution for the construction and engineering society. We are trying to be the leader in client satisfaction, innovation, professionalism and superior quality solution. We strive to provide responsive, fast, cost effective and creative solution to our clients benefit, compensation and their critical needs. Our Team combines technical excellence with superior understanding of client need and the environment in which our client operate. We are committed to working partnerships with our clients that add value and consistently exceed expectations.

To form long-term relationships of value with our clients and partners, using quality construction and engineering solution and employing the best resource and latest technologies.

Security & Safety


The manpower of LCC is its most valuable resource. To ensure a safe workplace for LCC staff and protect clients' investment and facilities, the Company puts a strong emphasis on health and safety culture driven by a goal to achieve "zero accidents" and "zero man-hours lost". The safety culture has been instilled in LCC employees with the conviction that every accident is preventable. The company fully acknowledges that by complying with stringent Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) procedures, zero accidents can be accomplished.

Some of our HSE procedures are:

  • Use of full range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Use of Safe Tools & Equipment
  • Trained & competent staff
  • Regular on-site safety audits

Structural Overview of LCC
LCC dedicated to achieve the highest quality in operations, Client Care Services delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride keeping in with the company spirit. LCC is a trusted name in the market for local civil construction projects, all kind of building constructions, Maintenance, Warehouse, and landscapes.

Our team is highly motivated towards their work and our first priority is to satisfy customers and this dedication and commitment distinct us from our competitors. We have extremely resourceful teams of individuals capable of implementing tasks to the highest of standards in order to satisfy the expectations of the clients.

LCC is committed to cementing its position as a pre-eminent contractor and supplier of high quality professional services in the field of Civil engineering, management and construction; ensuring complete client satisfaction along every step of project development.

Vice-President/General Manager Message:

"The company currently employs over 20 construction experts located throughout Laos, with an unparalleled skillset covering finance, architecture, design, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as project management, we also have an in-house team dedicated to producing high standard technical bids and comprehensive and competitive commercial tenders.
With a reputation for fast, quality-led handling of high profile construction engineering projects across the Country, LCC is swiftly becoming known as a market leader with unlimited resources and financial capabilities, the company has been contributing towards several both national and international projects such as Government, ADB, WB, Lux Development, EU, JICA, GIZ across the country. "

References of LLC's major civil engineering works

  • Nam Long Hydropower Project
  • Construction of Champasak university campus building
  • Construction of air traffic center
  • Construction of EDL headquarter
  • Construction of Lao Telecom headquarter
  • Construction of Lao-Japan Budo center
  • Construction of improvement of district hospitals in Khammouane, Savannakhet and Champasak provinces
  • Construction of Souphanouvong University
  • Construction of improvement and renovation of Mahosot Hospital building
  • Construction of CICML Extension and Food & Safety Laboratory
Staff Educations
  • 07% of Master Degree
  • 31% of Bachelor/Higher Education
  • 28% of Medium Education
  • 34% of Short Education
Staff Classification
  • 56% Engineers
  • 44% Administrators
By the end of the year 2000, staff numbers had risen, and integrating our many new colleagues has been a major challenge. In order to meet the challenge we engaged widely in the staff introduction process, running courses in the use of our of our IT tools, project management etc.